Friday, September 01, 2006

Progress Continues

The August 28th Architect's Field Report for the Southside Library mentions the following Work In Progress: "Wall insulation and lath is still being put on the building. Ducts are being run. Power is being installed. Steel framing is almost complete. Interior walls are being framed. The supply and return hot water runs for the heating system are being run. Masons are working on rock and block at the East Patio. Cameron has been installing backing for equipment in bathrooms and various locations within the building. Wet blown insulation is complete. Batt insulation is underway. Roofing for the electrical data room has been completed. Window frames are going in at the west and north walls. They are in place in the Children's west wall and the Multi-purpose west wall."

We are looking at a January, 2007, opening.

construction photoconstruction photo

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