Monday, September 18, 2006

'Cistern and Sleeving Work Will Be Going On'

A lot of what appears in the architect's September 11 Field Report for Southside Library sounds familiar. Bit by bit these tasks move forward: "Work in progress: A partial lath inspection was completed on the north and west portion of the building. Ducts rough in is now complete. Data runs are that are being installed have been halted. Power is being installed. Steel framing is almost complete. Interior walls are being framed. The supply and return hot water runs for the heating system are being run. Rock and block at the East Patio has been done. Wet blown insulation is complete. Batt insulation is underway. Batt insulation has been approved to be installed in the areas that will not have drywall. This will be done after gypsum board is installed. Roofing for the electrical data room has been completed. None of the roof miscellaneous metal is complete. Window frames are going in at the west and north walls. They are in place in the Children’s west wall and the Multi-purpose west wall. Cistern and sleeving work will be going on. Concrete crews will be pouring exterior flatwork."
construction photoconstruction photo
P.S. Bradford County Public Library in Starke, Florida, is building a new library, and they have a blog to track their progress. They seem to be at the bare dirt point, where we were a couple of weeks after groundbreaking. We'll keep you posted.

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