Thursday, August 31, 2006

WorldCat Quick Click

worldcat iconWe've added a WorldCat button to the catalog. It will pick up your search and kick it over to the free version of WorldCat.

Suppose you are looking for Tigers and Ice by Edward Hoagland. You search for the title and the catalog tells you we don't have it. Hit the WorldCat button. Voila! It's the first title offered. Click on it, put your zipcode in the box, and WorldCat will tell you the nearest libraries that have it. (The nearest in this case is Albuquerque. Too far to go get it yourself. OK, put in an interlibrary loan request.)

It might or might not work as elegantly every time. But boy is it slick when it works.

P.S. Home access to the full WorldCat is still coming, but not here yet. Meanwhile, access to the EbscoHost Health Database from within the library has been repaired. (It never stopped working from home.)

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