Sunday, September 17, 2006

Ways You Can Support...

You can support your Santa Fe Public Library in many ways by joining with our supportive business partners:
  • Whole Foods on October 5th--the Whole Foods Benefit Day. A percentage of all sales that day will benefit the Library-—plan ahead to stock up and have even have lunch there on October 5th!
  • Albertsons Community Partner: The Friends of the Santa Fe Public Library has joined the Albertsons Community Partners Program. This is a great opportunity for all our friends to raise money for the Library – just by buying groceries! Albertsons has a simple registration form for the Partners program. Just sign up and let them know you want your non-profit gift to go to the Friends of the Santa Fe Public Library! Then, each time you shop at Albertsons, a percentage of your purchase will be donated to the Friends of the Library.
  • Coca-Cola and Allsups: Purchase a case of Coca-Cola (or any Coca-Cola product) at any Santa Fe Allsups by December 31st. Coca-Cola has pledged a minimum of $18,000 from sales to the Southside Library Fundraising Campaign!

Please share this information with family and friends—these are easy ways to ensure that your Library has funding for books and other materials.

For more information on any of these partnerships with our supportive community businesses, contact Pat Hodapp, Director of Libraries, at 955-6788.

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