Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Scraps and Follow-Ups

There's a really interesting article about Wikipedia, Who Writes Wikipedia, which casts a further light on some of the topics in our post of August 14th.cover of book

At last, at last,, we have Dick Francis's new book, Under Orders, in the database, so you can put holds on it. There's a nice article about him in the Times Online. No, Tony Hillerman's new title, The Shape Shifter, hasn't appeared in the database yet, but it will any minute now, because our distributor has it listed (still with a November publication date).

The sixth hatch year of whooping cranes for the eastern flock is not on the move yet, the target starting date is October 1st. But over the summer the first wild hatchlings were born. This is thrilling and essential news. Otherwise everything to do with the eastern flock is only a picturesque experiment--New Mexico's experimental flock never bred, and we no longer have any whooping cranes at the Bosque del Apache.

The ever-entertaining Waterboro Lib Blog had a wonderful list a while back, Drowned Towns, books about towns covered by reservoirs. (The mystery section is called 'Reservoir Noir', a phrase coined by Peter Robinson in 1999, when he and Reginald Hill came out almost simultaneously with really excellent mysteries with the same theme...)

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