Friday, September 22, 2006

Interior Barrel Vaults Framing Is Underway

The Architect's Field Report for the Southside Library mentions the following Work In Progress: "A partial lath inspection was completed on the north and west portion of the building. Scratch and Brown are underway at north and west walls. Data runs are that are being installed have been halted. Power is being installed. Steel framing moment welds have been inspected. Interior barrel vaults framing is underway. Sound Insulation is underway. Wet blown insulation is complete. Sound batts are being installed. Roofing for the electrical data room has been completed. Study rooms remain to be roofed. Window frames are going in. They are in place in the clerestory windows. Concrete crews will be pouring exterior flatwork and curb and gutter. Plumbers working on gas line in roof and in boiler room." A complete run of construction photographs beginning the month before we started is available on the Progress page.

'Scratch and brown'? So glad you asked (we had to ask Google): "A fiber-reinforced cement plaster designed for three coat, traditional application.

construction photoconstruction photo

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