Tuesday, July 04, 2006

What Earthly Use

OK. So Elizabeth George has a new book coming out in September, What Came Before He Shot Her. (Horrible title. Maybe her editor will persuade her to change it.) Carol O'Connell has one scheduled for December, Find Me. They can't be ordered yet, so you can't put holds on them. Where in fact is Tony Hillerman's The Shape Shifter, which we mentioned months ago and which has been twice postponed? Now expected at the end of November.

Not in the database, can't place holds. Anticipation is pleasurable, but do you even want to know about books you can't do anything about for months?? AuthorsOnTheWeb has a list of titles coming out in June, July, August. This is more like useful: we already have them, or they're ordered, or we can order them... Hmmmm. Andrew Holleran's Grief is getting really good reviews; we'd better order it...

As always, let us know about any titles we seem to have missed. We're pretty good about getting the things you ask for.

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