Monday, July 24, 2006

Rummaging in the Gifts: Wodehouse? Burton?

Sorting through the donated books. All kinds of things come along. Here's a Charles Mingus autobiography, Beneath the Underdog: His World as Composed by Mingus. It's not in the system yet, but it will be. We have a certain amount of Mingus's music, but so far no books. How about Campos de Flandes by Jose Luis de Juan. I'm not sure what it is, lacking any knowledge Spanish, but it's a handsome and fairly current book. Some web links in Spanish about it: (1)(2). Here's a Barnes & Noble edition of Ed Rice's biography of traveller and translator Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton. We don't really need another copy, though this one is crisp and new. We might as well throw in a link to John Dunning's 2004 title, The bookman's promise. Dunning's book-trade mysteries are extremely popular around here, and the plot of this one turns on a Burton manuscript about a (fictional, I think) journey in the American South at the time of the Civil War. And yes, we have quite a bit of Burton's work.

Which brings us to a little clump of Wodehouse books someone has given us. We have a LOT of P. G. Wodehouse. We don't yet have The Inimitable Jeeves or Jeeves in the Morning. But surely we don't need... "You can't have too much Wodehouse," declares the other librarian on the desk. Oh. OK. In they go.

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