Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Books and Media For The Shelves of Southside

The Southside Opening Day Collection has been growing at a steady pace. We currently have 26,021 shelf ready items showing in the catalog that are destined for Southside. These materials are currently in storage, awaiting the day we can take over the building from the contractor and start putting materials on the shelves.

These materials include Bookstop items that were transferred after Bookstop closed, lots of wonderful new gifts, and ordered books which have been processed by our vendor B&T. The B&T items are mostly adult materials. Our children's book vendor, BWI, will start adding items this summer. The library's Technical Services staff will also be working on media materials in-house (videos and audiobooks)to prepare them for the shelves.

We currently have another 12,000 adult and 12,000 children's items on order, with more being added every day. Plans are for 80,000 items to be on the shelves at the Southside Branch on opening day!

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