Sunday, July 02, 2006

Optimists Say December

Wet weather (by local standards). The roofing that was in place on the Southside Library kept the concrete slab from being soaked. Curbing and gutters got a field test, and the construction crew found that the curb and gutters in place kept the runoff where it should go, so work was not impeded by our driving rains.
Sometimes the view of the New Mexico sky in these construction photos just grabs the eye... and that sky will always be part of Southside, outside the library's window walls.
Construction photos are always available on the progress page. We're still looking at a January 2007 opening. Or maybe December 2006.

P.S. There's a nice double-page spread about Southside in the "Santa Fe Real Estate Guide" (pages 16&17) that came with today's New Mexican. It doesn't seem to be online, but worth a look if you have the paper handy.

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