Sunday, July 30, 2006

Falling Behind on Our Field Reports

The architects' Field Report for Southside Library on July 24th tells us: "Work in progress: Wall insulation and lath is being put on the building this week. Ducts are being run. Data runs are being installed. Power is being installed. Steel studs are being framed up. Interior walls are being framed. Roofers are working on detailing the EPDM roof. Z-furring and insulation as well as dry-in sheet have been built on the high entry roof. The supply and return hot water runs for the heating system are being run. Masons will be working on rock and block at the East Patio. Contractor has been installing backing for equipment in bathrooms and various locations within the building.

'Data runs', that we understand (yaay--the computers will need to be the first things in so that we can inventory those 80,000 items as they come in the door.) But, 'Z-furring'? Now, that's a mystery detail. :-)

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