Monday, March 30, 2009

Why I Love My Job

The Book of Night WomenOkay, this is not the only reason I love my job. This is one of about a zillion reasons. But this week’s reason is: The Happy Ending.

In my last job, which was doing approximately what I do now in a different time zone, a book came across my desk that looked fascinating. After I cataloged it, I checked it out, and devoured it. I could not put this book down. It fascinated me and thrilled me. I read it on the train, while I ate, while I painted, while I walked my dog. I decided this was one of my new favorite authors and I couldn’t wait for his next book to come out.

So far, so good. But then, I left that job. Years passed. And suddenly, when I tried to remember the book to see if the author had written his next novel yet, my mind drew a blank. Title of the book? Gone. What was the book about? If I could remember that, I could perhaps pester a reference librarian, especially if I knew the color of the cover. (Just kidding. Librarians don’t actually like when you ask for “the white book”.) But no. I just knew it had to do with Jamaica, and possibly it had to do with preachers. But I was a little hazy on that last detail. And needless to say, I hadn’t written anything down. This was the most horrible thing that ever happened! (If you’re a book addict, you understand this feeling well.)

Fast forward through my despair to last week, when a book showed up on my desk for cataloging. The Book of Night Women. A fourteen-day checkout, with a shiny new cover, and the author’s name in memory-thrilling letters: Marlon James. Purely by accident, Mr. James’ second novel landed on my desk in much the same way his first one landed on my other desk. I immediately cataloged it, checked it out, and am almost done with it. It’s brilliant. I can’t put it down.

And the best part is, once I had his name, I was able to locate the title of that first book (of course I said to myself, how did I ever forget it?), John Crow’s Devil. I requested it for purchase for the Library, so any time now, I’ll get to dive back into it, and remember why I fell in love with this author in the first place. If I’ve piqued your curiosity, feel free to put holds on the titles – you’ll have to wait for me to finish, but I promise it’s not a long wait.

The only reason not to love my job? I have to stop reading in order to do it!

by AA @ Main

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