Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Journeyman Documentary

Santa Fe Premiere
Journeyman: a Documentary

Warehouse 21 Blackbox Theater
1614 Paseo de Peralta
Thursday, March 26 at 6:30 p.m
$8 suggested donation

Journeyman explores what male adolescents need, how they struggle, and especially their need for guidance from older men. Leaving these needs unfulfilled accounts for overcrowded prisons, increasing gang violence, a decline in school performance among boys, and drug and alcohol abuse. Created by filmmakers Charlie Borden and Kevin Obsatz, Journeyman explores hidden experiences of Rites of Passage, mentoring, and male culture in America.

The proceeds from the suggested donation will go to support the first Rites of Passage Adventure Weekend in New Mexico for 18 teenage New Mexico boys, which is being organized by the nonprofit Boys to Men New Mexico. Following the documentary, there will be a panel discussion with Paul Golding, Editor of Santa Fe Boys, Stefan Hermann, Executive Director of Boys to Men Central California Coast, and other experts on the status of Boys in today’s society and the impact of rites of passage and mentoring.

For additional information on Journeyman or Boys to Men New Mexico, please contact David River at (505) 216-9752 or

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