Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Feed the Birds

BirdsVisitors to the Main Library on Saturday, March 21, were greeted with a surprise. A flock of ceramic birds had descended on the sidewalk on Washington Avenue for the day, inviting comment, contemplation, and at times, confusion.

Birds in the Park is a touring project by artist Christy Hengst, "which involves the temporary installation of thirty to sixty porcelain birdlike forms on the ground". At a distance, they look like a flock of white doves pecking and resting. Up close, you can see the newsprint and images adorning the birds. Ms. Hengst has already conducted the installation at local spots like the Tune-Up Café, and more places around town will be decked out in the aviary throughout the spring.

Leave the birdseed at home, but not your curiosity.


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