Thursday, March 05, 2009

Who We Are

LibrarianFor a group of folks who have the world at their fingertips, library workers seem to be inordinately concerned with how the rest of the world sees them. There are websites and conferences and Facebook groups all about libraries and the Librarian Image. When we finally made it to Action Figure status, library workers were torn between those who felt we'd arrived, and those who thought that the incredible "shushing" action made it a throwback to outmoded stereotypes.

Rex-LibrisFortunately there is lighter fare that library workers and library-lovers can indulge in. A favorite is the Unshelved comic strip. At times eerily replicating real-life workplace situations, it covers the trials and tribulations of Libraryland with humor. And more humor. There's also the Rex Libris graphic novel, featuring a librarian in an adventurer's role. Librarians are also popular characters in both children's and regular fiction. And don't forget librarians in movies. Get a bowl of popcorn and put your hair in a bun, and films like Desk Set and Party Girl can make you forget that your spice rack isn't in alphabetical order.

In the meantime, enjoy a sample from the Unshelved strip, and an informative film about librarians from 1947. Interestingly, the film is rather up-to-date, albeit computer-free.


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