Friday, January 26, 2007

What the SNOTEL Says

We all think that the end-of-the-world snowstorm at New Years magically translated into a permanent water excess, but the SNOTEL on top of the mountain shows that the big storm brought us up to somewhere a bit below the average snow-water equivalent for this time of year.
snotel graph

(the graphic at uwyo shows last year's data as well, but is not from a Federal site so you'll have to click on the link to see it)

Mind you, compared to last year conditions are 'way better. And Santa Fe's reservoirs are at 83%, which is good for this time of year. The state reservoirs are refilling; some are better than 100% of average, and some not.

part of reservoir graph
Other places to look, and draw your own conclusions:the US Seasonal Drought Outlook, which shows us happily free of drought expectations; the same for the US Drought Monitor (but look at how dry Wyoming is). Our hydrologic outlook is good, "The water supply forecast through the spring snow melt season ranges from below normal runoff in the rivers and streams of west central and southwest New Mexico to above normal runoff for rivers and streams that originate in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains." (emphasis added)

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