Thursday, January 11, 2007

Manga Makes The Dictionary

Merriam-Webster posted a sampler of new words which are being added to the next edition of their dictionary. Manga, spyware, ringtone, biodiesel -- these make sense as words that won't evaporate. But they also think that "mouse potato", "drama queen", and "supersize" are going to last.

It does help to know the right words for things. We had a little boy come to the reference desk who wanted a book about how to draw anime. He was so clear and articulate about what he wanted that we almost told him we had books about anime but no how-to books, before realizing we needed to ask, 'Anime generally means movies. Is it manga that you want to draw?' Yes. Good. We've got lots in the catalog (any of the 21 'most relevant' hits might work), and there were even several on the shelf. Yaay.

Thanks to Our Descent Into Madness for pointing this one out.

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