Saturday, January 20, 2007

New DVDs, CDs, Videos

The What's New Lists have been updated, including the list of recently added media materials. As usual with all these lists, we continue to exclude Southside Library materials (which you can't get hold of until Southside opens), and most children's titles.

There's lots of entertaining DVDs in the current list, not all new, ranging from the 1958 film, The Blob to Peter Magazini's Learn to play the drumset : a professional's unique approach to playing the drumset. Audio versions of a good many 2006 titles, such as Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe's Fury, Isabel Allende's Inés of my soul, Kevin Phillips's American Theocracy, and Cupcake Brown's memoir, A Piece of Cake. And a whole lot of music CDs. This time we've sorted the list by material type. DVDs at the begining, music CDs at the end. VHS and audio books in the middle.

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