Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Donna Leon's Multiple Titles

Just now there were two people waiting for A Venetian Reckoning, and nobody waiting for Death and Judgment. They are the same book, the original British edition and a later American edition. Many Santa Fe readers have set out to read all of Leon's Guido Brunetti mysteries, and bumped up against the alternate title problem. So for their sake we are reproducing here the complete list, in order:

1 Death at La Fenice
2 Death in a strange country

3 Dressed for death
3 (alternate title) The Anonymous Venetian

4 Death and judgment
4 (alternate title) A Venetian reckoning

5 Death in high water
5 (alternate title) Acqua alta

6 The Death of faith
6 (alternate title) Quietly in their sleep

7 A Noble radiance
8 Fatal remedies
9 Friends in high places
10 A Sea of troubles
11 Wilful behaviour
12 Uniform justice
13 Doctored evidence
14 Blood from a Stone
15 Through a Glass Darkly
16 Suffer the little children

PS. The only ones we don't have are #11, which just can't be gotten; and #6. For the latter, again, we just can't get the British edition, The Death of Faith. The American edition, Quietly in their Sleep, will be out in June and we'll order it when we can.
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