Thursday, January 04, 2007

Snow and Ice Removal Update

The City's Public Information Officer has asked us to help get the following information out:
City of Santa Fe crews continue to work day and night to remove snow and ice from Santa Fe's streets.

The city is using every possible resource to remove snow and ice as quickly and efficiently as possible, mobilizing crews and equipment from various departments and divisions citywide, including Parks, Water, Wastewater and Parking as well as contracting with YouthWorks to remove snow and ice from ADA ramps and bus stops.

Last night, city crews were able to remove snow and ice from Don Gaspar, Water, Lincoln, Washington, Palace and Marcy. Crews are working to finish snow and ice removal on Johnson Street right now. This afternoon crews are working on Camino Cabra, Cruz Blanca, Monte Sol and Garcia. If there is time, crews will also try to get to Acequia Madre.

Tonight through tomorrow morning, crews will work on Galisteo, Cathedral, Canyon Road and East DeVargas in addition to finishing up the west end of San Francisco.

Again, in order for the city to be able to clear Canyon Road, all vehicles must be moved off the street by 11 p.m. tonight. It is difficult to impossible to clear the road properly with cars parked on the street. Parked vehicles also pose significant safety hazards to the machine operator and could result in damage to any parked vehicles.
Notice the important information in the last paragraph. Please don't leave your cars on Canyon Road tonight.

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