Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What's New

We've updated the What's New lists. They're always available on the main page of the catalog, and are always worth browsing around in.

For some reason there seem to be several Billy the Kid books out recently (easier to find by searching for the subject Billy, the Kid and sorting in reverse date order), including one by Marc Simmons, Stalking Billy the Kid : brief sketches of a short life. Other titles in the Recently Added Southwest Titles list include two new books about the mountains of New Mexico, and Phillip Huscher's The Santa Fe Opera : an American pioneer. The new non-fiction list includes Santa Fe photographer Lucian Niemeyer's study, Africa : the holocausts of Rwanda and Sudan. We've ordered an audio course in Conversational Czech. Lots of mysteries, lots of DVDs and audio CDs. Lots...

When we place an order the titles appear immediately in the database, so for the What's New lists in general, and especially the Just Added to the Database list, the materials may not actually be here yet. But you can always enter a request (hold) for anything which is on order, and we'll let you know when it has arrived and is waiting for you.

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