Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Web Is A Garden...

...filled with strange and wonderful flowers. To mention just a few:

One of our readers sent us a link to a video on YouTube, Free Hugs, which millions of people have viewed and emailed each other about in the past couple of weeks. You only want to watch it if you have a good appetite for sentiment :-)

Then, we went hunting for a Chesterton quote, and discovered that there's a whole cottage industry of G. K. Chesterton web sites out there. The American Chesterton Society. The G. K. Chesterton Page. G. K. Chesterton: the Colossal Genius. The G. K. Chesterton Library. Who knew? And why?

The whooping crane chicks took off on the first flight of their first migration south this morning. As usual, the report comes with a wonderful image (and a little video of one of the cranes dropping out and returning home.)

There's an experimental search interface project called Flamenco at the University of California. One of their demonstration pages is about Nobel Prize winnners, and it's really very nifty. Give it a whirl.

If you've ever run across a piece of 'Lorem Ipsum' in a typesetting book or a web design book, you've probably wondered, what on earth is this and what does it mean? There's a nice explanation at the lipsum page; and Cecil Adams at The Straight Dope also has an answer.

The quote?

Literature is a luxury; fiction is a necessity.
It's from "A Defence of Penny Dreadfuls."(1). Yes, of course we have a number of Chesterton's books, both fiction and non-. And a couple of (really old) biographies.

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