Sunday, October 08, 2006

Saving Clicks

Catalog changes: We've been playing with how your library record works when you sign in.
  • To protect the privacy of users who sign in to their library record while inside the library (so that passers-by can't read their information off the monitor), your personal information no longer shows on the first screen you see once you have logged in. To see or correct your address, phone, notice preferences, etc. you will need to click on the "Modify your personal info" button.
  • As soon as you are signed in, if you have any items checked out they appear on the bottom of the first screen (saving you a click...)
  • A search box also appears on that screen (saving you another click.)
  • When you are renewing items, you now get a message from the system explaining why not if it can't be renewed. Message appears in red. Watch for it. We are trying to get the system to allow a more informative message, but for the moment at least it is there.
  • Expect more tweaking.

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