Friday, October 27, 2006

Southside A-Swarm With Work Being Done

The Architect's Field Report for the Southside Library mentions the following "Work in progress: a. Drywall, taping, and texture. b. Exterior windows are placed. c. Bathroom tile is being set and grouted. Grout should be gray color. The boiler room is complete; combustion air should be done tomorrow. Concrete flatwork is in progress at the north side. Planters are being poured today. Smooth trowel top is required. Electrical work is ongoing. Scratch and brown coat are being put on the exterior of the building. Some color coat is in place. h. EPDM roofing and coping are being installed. They expect to finish EPDM tomorrow and begin metal roof. i. Crusher fines are being installed in the patios. j. HVAC controls are being installed. k. Paint is being applied. No additional red or blue paint will be utilized at accent walls. The red will be utilized below chair rails and control joints only in the lobby, main reading areas, and meeting room. There will be no accent color on the west wall above the public use computers; that wall will be white. l. Soffits and screen wall siding are on site. m. Millwork is underway in shop and on site."

In addition, it lists the following "WORKERS ON SITE: Electrical crew, HVAC crew, Plumbing crew, Stucco crew, Drywall workers, Glazing crew, Concrete crew, Tectum crew, Grading crew, Sheetrock taping crew, Painters, Masons, Landscapers, Roofers, Asphalt crew." Whew!

We keep a chronological run of construction photos on the Progress page. Though the most recent photos are usually here first.

construction photoconstruction photoconstruction photo

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