Sunday, June 11, 2006

"A Yellow Light For The Internet"

Geri Hutchins, Federal Programs Coordinator for the New Mexico State Library, has sent us the following message: "A Yellow Light For The Internet: The House passed legislation late Thursday night that will pave the way for telephone companies' speedy entrance into the video market, but rejected an amendment that would force cable and telephone companies to give equal treatment to all Internet traffic flowing on their networks.

"The defeat of the amendment, on a 269-151 vote that fell largely along party lines, more or less dashes the hopes of a big coalition of Internet companies and Democratic groups that strict "network neutrality" regulations will become law this year, since such legislation has only slightly better odds of passing the Republican Senate. Source: Forbes June 9, 2006
"Other articles: Network neutrality killed again, but cable reform bill lives on Source: ARS Technica ; Internet Freedom Coalition Applauds Defeat of 'Net Neutrality' Regulations on the Internet Source: Internet Freedom Coalition (via Yahoo)"

It's a vigorous topic out in the blog world too. Just for one example,

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