Saturday, June 17, 2006

Remember To Look At The Sky Saturday Night

Space Weather News for June 16, 2006: "MARS AND SATURN: After passing through the Beehive star cluster last night, Mars is on a collision course with Saturn--at least it looks that way. The two planets will not collide, but they will have a pleasing close encounter in the evening sky on Saturday night, June 17th. Look west after sunset."

The Sky and Telescope Sky-at-a-glance page always has good illustrations. In addition to Mars and Saturn, Mercury is prominent in the evening sky and Jupiter reigns all night long. cassini image of enceladus from NASA Venus in the morning...

Saturn's moon Enceladus with its ice fountains remains a hot scientific topic. Sky and Telescope has a summary article about the article in Nature earlier this month which brought Enceladus back into the news. There is also a press release at NASA, but only the abstract of the article itself is available online at Nature.

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