Monday, June 12, 2006

News from Local Blogs

Or in some cases, sort of blogs. Taoseño J. H. Farr, for example, appears to use his blog, FarrFeed to point to his essays on his site Grack!. The one on top right now is an account of a hike up into the hills above Taos. (Beware though of the audio raven call that insists on startling you out of your chair everytime you arrive at Grack!)

Local author George Johnson's Santa Fe Review is also not quite a blog, but a venue for occasional essays, usually on water and development. What he has on top is right now is a piece about local planning lobbyist Jennifer Jenkins. (At the bottom of that page are links to his webcams pointing at the Tom Ford house and the Davis Mansion).

More? Sheriff Greg Solano has a blog. What's on top is a piece about Officer James Archuleta who recently was killed in an accident while on duty. Santa Fe Blog, which we'd never seen before, has a piece about local author Robin Williams's book, Sweet Swan of Avon: did a woman write Shakespeare?. (One of our reference librarians has been recommending this book to everyone.) The no-longer-newcomers at Going to New Mexico have put up a nice hike along the Chamisa Trail.

More still? New Mexico Magazine has a list, heavy on Albuquerque sites (and we're not in it).

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