Thursday, June 15, 2006

...not going to be there alone...

Gail Schuler receiving awardGail Schuler, the library's Manager of Youth Services, was named the City's Employee of the Month, and received her award from Mayor David Coss last night.

Her nomination reads: On Thursday, April 20, at the bus stop just east across the street from the La Farge Branch Library on Llano Street, a young man was shot. Gail Schuler was leaving the Library for her lunch break and saw staff standing on a berm calling 911. They informed Gail they had heard a shot and it was a young person who had been shot at the bus stop across the street. Gail immediately ran to the bus stop to see if she could help. As she said, "We serve children and that child was not going to be there alone after being shot. I just wanted him to know others cared and were with him."

Gail did not hesitate; she had no knowledge of who the shooter was, where he was or if she was putting herself in danger. An off duty EMT started attending to the young person and Gail stayed with them until an ambulance arrived. Gail is very humble and does not feel that she did anything special. But her colleagues and supervisors do feel that it was a brave and caring action that she took. She serves young people every day in the library in less dramatic ways, but always stands tall for the children she works with. She would not leave a child alone to face any situation such as this one, or any other, where a child might be hurt or in danger.

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