Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We get mail . . .

A large part of library service is making sure our books, magazines, and other library materials are shelved or placed where they are supposed to be, so that you can find them easily. So, finding something in the wrong place, it’s in the nature of the library staff to try to make it right.

The Main Library recently received a letter in the mail addressed to someone in an East Coast state; the return address was in that same state. And no, it wasn't New York, New Jersey or New Hampshire. How this missive ended up in Santa Fe, New Mexico, will be forever a mystery, but we know it came to the Main Library because the street name and number of the intended recipient is the same as ours – 145 Washington. We just put it in another envelope, addressed it again to its intended destination, and dropped it in the mail, hoping for the best. Just part of our service.

by RG@Main

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