Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Alfa RomeoIn these times of economic uncertainty, it’s refreshing to start the morning with some old-fashioned zazz. The ancient streets of Santa Fe were filled with a bevy of lovelies . . . lovingly restored Alfa Romeo vehicles, that is.

A librarian chatted with two of the Alfa owners, as she had owned one previously. They were on their way to Taos by a circuitous route, about 120 miles! When she shared the fact that bicyclists do the same route in the mountains, one owner laughed and said, “We get passed all the time!”

Alfa Romeo getting passed by a bicycleThe librarian maintains that she was never passed by a bicycle in the mountains; Alfas are the best Italian mountain road cars. The downside of driving an Alfa is that everyone, well, everyone that's male, challenges you at a red light. After a while one gets blasé about beating them off the line. It was a lovely line-up of eye candy this morning.

Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo

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