Friday, October 17, 2008

Bonds for Libraries

I've been hearing all this talk about an upcoming election. It seems like it's a pretty big deal this year, so I thought I'd do some good librarian research to find out what the issues are and who is running.

In addition to some heated historic campaigns and big speeches, I discovered that the political action committee Bonds for Libraries has some issues that are worth educating myself about. I found out that on the 2008 ballot, there is Statewide GO Bond Issue “B”. The bond is for Library Materials Acquisition for a total amount of $11 million. Wow, $11 million. That could buy a lot of books and DVDs and audiobooks!

I also learned that the total for various Santa Fe County libraries would be $510,800, and that Santa Fe Public Library alone would receive $169,000 if this bond passed. All of New Mexico's 33 counties are included in this bond.

So if you already know which candidate you're going to vote for, or even if you're still undecided, take some time to read up on Bond Issue "B". Because you'll most likely never stay in the White House, but you'll definitely use the library.

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