Friday, November 24, 2006

Working in LibraryLand

The most recent postings on American Libraries Online are particularly full of the sort of events which people would like to imagine that libraries are a safe haven from: shooting, tasering, arson...

In general we have been very lucky at Santa Fe Public Library. The occasional irate patron is the most we usually have to deal with.

Another posting on the ALA news site pointed out a story from across the border to the north: Canadian academic institutions offering their scholars the Refworks service are moving scholars' bibliographies and research data from Refworks' own server to a Canadian server instead, where the US government wouldn't be able to use the Patriot Act to examine the scholars' research. If the original news story from the Toronto Globe and Mail has moved to archive and now requires you to have a login (it will at some point), you can get the gist from the University of Alberta's library news, and other sources (1) , (2).

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