Saturday, November 25, 2006

Clearing Out the (E)Mail Box

The whooping crane chicks which are following ultralights on their first migration from Wisconsin to Florida are more than half-way there. The best picture of the migration so far is on the Nov. 21 page...

One of our readers sent us links to a couple of book-related sites, JGodsey's wonderful new Literary Stamps blog, and a page about the Voynich Manuscript, "The Most Mysterious Manuscript in the World." Other readers sent us links to Bill McKibben's review of five recent books about climate change: "How Close to Catastrophe," at New York Review of Books; and to an article at a search engine optimization site about Looking for a Library on Google Local. It works pretty well if you look us up in Santa Fe (go to, click on "find businesses", put in 'library' & 'Santa Fe') — we come up right on top. Would presumably work for most places.

More: There's a new children's book award, the Children's and YA Bloggers' Literary Award. Why not? The Litblog Co-op does it. (And does anyone understand why it's nearly impossible to make google find 'Litblog Co-op'?) Pan in the Encke gapThe librarians on the Public Libraries email list pointed out a terrific College Rankings page from UIUC that pulls together links to current rankings pages; and a couple of non-mainstream lyrics search sites, Mudcat Cafe and at

The image is from the Cassini spacecraft, a picture of Saturn's moon Pan, which circles Saturn within the rings and keeps the Encke gap open by gravitationally sweeping the ring particles out of its way..

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