Wednesday, November 22, 2006


We have updated the list of the titles with the most holds. As usual, the top of the list is kind of predictable. It's hard to be interested in the demand for the latest books by the usual authors (even those we are personally looking forward to reading): John Grisham ; Michael Connelly ; David Baldacci ; Tony Hillerman ; Janet Evanovich ; Elizabeth George ; James Patterson.

It gets more illuminating further down the list, looking at some of the books with only a few people waiting:

We wasted a noticable amount of time trying to figure out what IS that diacritic in Icelandic author Arnuldur Indriðason's name (Indridason, in case your browser can't handle an eth; authority for reproducing it as a "d" comes from the Reykjavik City Library's page about him...)

cover of bookcover of bookcover of bookcover of bookcover of book

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