Friday, November 10, 2006

Drywall, Taping and Texture

We're running a bit behind on Southside Library's Field Reports. The Architects' Field Report for October 30 mentions the following work in progress: "Drywall, taping, and texture. Exterior windows are placed. Operable units are being fabricated in the shop. Electric operator motors are being installed. Bathroom tile is being set and grouted. The boiler room is complete with the exception of dampers, which are on order. Colored concrete and other exterior flatwork are being poured. Electrical work is ongoing. Floor outlets are being moved. Scratch and brown coat are being put on the exterior of the building. Some color coat is in place. EPDM roofing is being patched. Metal roofing is being installed. Crusher fines are being installed in the patios. HVAC controls are being installed. Paint is being applied. Soffits and screen wall siding are on site. Millwork is underway in shop and on site. Cisterns are being delivered and will be placed this week. Artwork fascia panels have been applied to the substrate and will be installed this week."

The artwork fascia panels were indeed installed. The photo below was taken on Monday the 6th. These are the panels that we saw a picture of while they were still in the shop. They are now installed on the south face of the bulding, above the windows in the magazine reading area. A full run of construction photos is always available from the Progress page.

construction photo

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