Friday, November 17, 2006

Definitely Real Now

The Southside Library has currently posted positions open for the new branch. Hiring will be completed in November with new staff on board by late December. A total of 12.5 positions, full time and part time, will be available. La Farge Library manager Susie Sonflieth will be the Director of the Southside Library, adding it to her branches.

The first several of these job postings for Southside Library are up on the City's Human Resources Department website. It is time to begin keeping your eye on their Job Opportunities page. More positions will be posted.

The Architect's Field Report for November 13th includes the following (some of it familiar, some of it new): "Drywall, taping, and texture. Operable units are being transported and installed. Bathroom tile is being set and grouted. 95% of the tile has been grouted. The boiler room is complete with the exception of the dampers. Colored concrete and other exterior flatwork are being poured. Metal roofing is being installed and trimmed out. HVAC controls are being installed and adjusted. Cisterns have been placed with the exception of Cistern A, which is temporarily in the Children’s Courtyard until the stucco wallis finished. Artwork fascia panels have been installed. Carpet tile is being installed in the main stacks area."

Remember those cistern pads which had just been poured back in February? The cisterns for the rainwater harvesting system were put in place this week.

construction photoconstruction photo

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