Thursday, August 10, 2006

Catalog Changes

On Wednesday, August 9th, we moved in the new catalog screens.

There are probably plenty of inconsistencies, clicks that don't work, puzzling aspects. Please let us know about everything you have questions about. Write to us at or leave a message with the reference librarian. If we don't know how to fix it we will try to find out.

We left the cover screen fairly familiar looking, except for an immediate search box using the fabulous new expanded wonderful keyword search :-) Later the cover screen may change further. In fact, everything may change further. New features, amended color scheme, repair of egregious errors. It is not the done thing in the world of human/computer interfaces to offer you a work in progress, but we'll never get there any other way. Consider this a beta version of a catalog revision.

No-o-o-o, we didn't invent this spiffy new look. We took the default set of catalog screens offered by the catalog vendor, Innovative Interfaces, and tweaked them. Expect more tweaking.

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