Sunday, August 06, 2006

Lots Going on at Southside Library

construction photoNews from the architects' Field Report for July 31st for Southside Library includes:

"Work in progress: Wall insulation and lath is being put on the building this week. Ducts are being run. Data runs are being installed. Power is being installed. Steel studs are being framed up. Interior walls are being framed. Steel erection at East Portal is underway. The supply and return hot water runs for the heating system are being run. Masons will be working on rock and block at the East Patio. Cameron has been installing backing for equipment in bathrooms and various locations within the building.

"Materials on site: Veneer masonry stone ; Rigid insulation under stucco ; CMU ; Roofing – EPDM / Perlite ; Steel framing ; Steel fence ; Sound attenuators ; Ducts ; Gypsum sheathing ; Batt insulation ; Glass block."

As far as we know, we are still on track for a midwinter opening.

construction photo

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