Friday, April 28, 2006

Wise Fool Program for El Día de Los Niños

Don't forget to make time for Wise Fool's program, "A Look Inside," Saturday, April 29th, 2PM at the Main Library.

"El Día de Los Niños" is an annual nationwide celebration of children and books. This year in honor of the occasion the Santa Fe Public Library will have the Wise Fool New Mexico theatre group present their program A Look Inside. Wise Fool puppet The program is a participatory journey through the magical world of puppetry. Wise Fool will spin tales of fun and fancy while teaching kids and adults about the art of puppetry, from small masks to their famous giants (10 to 20 feet tall) that take three people to operate! See how they operate, try them on for yourself and bring something to life and leave inspired to make puppets of your own. Wise Fool New Mexico is a nonprofit theatre arts project created and staffed by women artists of diverse backgrounds who are dedicated to art as a means of changing our world.

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