Sunday, April 02, 2006

...On The City's Web Pages

Hooray. The City's Planning and Land Use Department has put the 2006 edition of Santa Fe Trends on the web. Twenty-four pages of numbers and charts about growth, housing, water, transportation, schools, etc etc. The report is pretty to look at and packed with data.

Also, the City's GIS (Geographic Information Systems) department has some terrific maps on their web site. These are large PDF files, so you'd need a good printer to get a paper product. (It might be easier to go buy one from the department.) But they sure are fun to look at, and in many cases looking is all you need to do to answer your question--finally, a good zip code map, a mountainous terrain map, residential subdivisions, and on and on. The thumbnail image is from Future Land Use.

A lot of other useful information can be found on the City's official web site: the Code, the Weekly Water Reports, bus schedules, and more.

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