Monday, April 17, 2006

All That New Non-Fiction

The What's New list of Recently Ordered Nonfiction (just updated) includes all kinds of titles — media materials and stuff for children and reference books and poetry and new work on many topics. There's something seductive on every screen of the list. With the help of the tables of contents, reviews, and other useful information available by clicking on the cover images or 'More about this title' button, you can get enough of a preview that you don't need to wait until it arrives before you decide you want to put a request in for the ones you are interested in.

Some examples of titles which caught our eye in a quick browse (you might make a different selection, but you'll surely find plenty):

Guests of the Ayatollah by Mark Bowden
Come on In! New Poems, yet more unpublished work by the late Charles Bukowski
A sheltered life : the unexpected history of the giant tortoise by Paul Chambers
The silk ribbon embroidery bible by Joan Gordon
Oceans : a visual guide by Stephen Hutchinson & Lawrence E. Hawkins
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