Sunday, April 30, 2006

"HVAC Sound Attenuators"

More of that tech talk in last week's architect's field notes for Southside Library: "Work in progress: Ledger angles are going up for the deck. Bar joist and decking are going down in various parts of the building. Concrete anchor bolts at the shade ramada. The concrete bond beam at the South Patio will potentially be poured on Wednesday. The Architect instructed the Contractor to steel trowel, vibrate the forms very well, provide a hard steel trowel finish and a light broom. Additionally, the bond beam should slope away from the building at the same grade as the paving plane so that water drains off the bond beam. Trenching in the parking lot. Electrical is being put in at the East Patio. Coiling security grille door will be in place soon. Architect notes that care should be taken not to hit radiant tubing when anchoring columns in for the security grille. (Subcontractor) came out to review the location of HVAC sound attenuators."
construction photoconstruction photo

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Viola said...

The advantage about retractable grilles is that they can be stacked out of sight behind the blinds or curtains when not required. They are made to measure to suit your openings and can either be reveal fitted or face fitted which means you do not have to spend money on adjusting your door or window openings.