Thursday, April 20, 2006

Tech Talk and Art Talk at Southside

construction photoThe architect's Work in Progress" notes for this week say, "Decking is being placed. HVAC and roof hatch penetration openings are being installed. Bar joist and canopy for the Children’s Area are being installed this week. The Children’s Area concrete masonry and South Patio grade beam will be installed this week. Irrigation sleeving will be installed this week."

Also there are a lot of "Arts related issues:" in the field report: " We reviewed a sketch of the ceramic tile arrangement for the Children’s Courtyard... We discussed the installation of the steel guard railing on the Children’s Patio by the cisterns which will be part of the art installation. Final selection of the artist will occur on May 28. Glass etching will be considered for the Teen and Clerestory windows. The hanging of the fabric art form in the Children’s Performance area is being checked out for weight and installation needs... "

The projected opening date has slid forward into January, alas. Construction photos are always available on the Progress page.

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