Sunday, March 12, 2006

Speaking of Reviews

More-About-This-Title buttonOften, especially for newer titles, the catalog has LOTS more information available about a title: summaries, tables of contents, information about characters and settings for fiction ('title profile'), first chapters, brief reviews. Click on the 'More About This Title' button, or on the cover image—you may find a table of contents that helps you conclude that, yes, now that the rush is over on Jared Diamond's Collapse you want to get hold of it; or a first chapter excerpt from Michelle Martinez' new title, The Finishing School, that makes clear that really you aren't interested; or a review of The inheritance of loss that makes you rush to put a hold on it. There are even large cover images.

The other day we had a patron who wanted a list of the Plainsmen series by Terry Johnston. The series lists are a little buried, but pure gold to people who like to read in order. Find a book in the series; hit the cover image or the "More" button; chose the "Title Profile;" at the bottom of the Profile click "Series" and voila! sixteen Johnston titles listed in order.

Important note: If you don't see anything when you click on the cover image or the button, take a look at the settings in your popup blocker. You want to tell it to allow windows opened by .

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