Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Browser Report

Internet Explorer is still the browser of choice for the visitors to our web pages, but the proportion slowly decreases as more users adopt Firefox or start using the Safari browser for Macs. This month 77% of visitors are using Internet Explorer, 15.5% are using Firefox (or Mozilla/Netscape), and 6% are using Safari. A year ago the proportion of people using Internet Explorer was 82%.

One of our readers sent us a link to a screencast about how to create a library lookup bookmarklet which sits on your browser toolbar, and picks up an ISBN from a bookstore page (as long as the URL contains an ISBN number) and searches for it in a library's catalog with one click. (It would of course work for our catalog as well.) Bookmarklets are an interesting idea; I use several for other purposes, and the LibraryLookup one might be just right for you if you are not already streamlining your catalog searches with either our Firefox search plugins or Firefox's Quick Searches. But even if you are not interested in LibraryLookup per se, watching the little video is a trip: the mellow voice goes on and on, clearly explaining while events unfold on your screen. The cursor moves, the screen scrolls, things happen. All help manuals should be like this.

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