Saturday, March 25, 2006

Cam Touring

If you want to see how the world looks right near us, you might try the Plaza cams in Santa Fe or Taos, or some of the other cams around northern New Mexico:
the train yard in Chama (or try this one);
Red River;
PNM's burrowing owl cam in north Albuquerque :-)
Taos Mountain;
a bunch of Weatherbug cameras around the state;
a bunch of Weathernet cameras around the state;
an Albuquerque rooftop camera pointing at the Sandia Mountains;
east of the Sandias, Paa-Ko Live cam;
a Canyon Road Cam at the corner of Paseo and Canyon; or
a number of Taos and Angel Fire cams, on one page.

Some cams are individual people's web cameras apparently stuck out of windows in their houses. Local author George Johnson's website, Santa Fe Review, has two cameras; at the moment one is pointed at Tom Ford's (future) house, and one at the Davis mansion under construction up above the Santa Fe Institute. The people at have two, Taos Mountain and a big view looking out over the valley. There must be others. Please tell us about any New Mexico web cameras you know about, especially the non-commercial and non-organizational ones that people have set up just to look out at the world.

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