Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Sticky and Blue’s Weekend Adventures

We’re happy to report that Sticky and Blue, our resident library gnomes, had a great weekend taking in the sights and sounds of downtown Santa Fe.  They made stops at many iconic Santa Fe locations, and learned a lot about the history of Santa Fe!

One of the first stops they made was the Palace of the Governors.  They were blown away by all of the interesting artifacts housed inside, and all of the beautiful jewelry for sale under the portal!

Sticky and Blue were a little tired after their adventures at the Palace of the Governors, so they decided to take a break on the Plaza.  They did some people-watching there and refreshed themselves in some of the lush planters of flowers. It was a beautiful day! 

Garden gnomes can’t resist flowers!

After their break, the gnomes headed to another famous Santa Fe sight.  Can you guess from the picture where they went next?

Stay tuned to learn where Sticky and Blue went…

Post and Photos by MM

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