Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Gnomin’ Outdoors!

We were just starting to worry about our favorite library gnomes, Sticky and Blue, when they dropped us a line to let us know what they were up to this past week!  Apparently they have been getting a little antsy and decided they needed to head outdoors to have some fun and get some exercise.

What do gnomes do for exercise? Well, for one, they apparently love baseball.

Sticky knocked this one out of the park!

In addition to its fab baseball diamonds, Sticky and Blue heard that Ragle Park has a very impressive slide!

After all their playground fun, our gnomes still weren’t tired, and headed over to the Genoveva Chavez Center for a nice strenuous workout.

The gnomes are pretty fascinated with cowboys, and had been working on their roping skills, but sadly didn’t make it in time for the Rodeo. Oh well, there are still plenty of other activities for the gnomes to check out. We heard that next on Sticky and Blue’s agenda is a nice camping trip now that many of the fire restrictions have been lifted.  Stay tuned...

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