Tuesday, July 09, 2013

La Farge is Open!

Monday afternoon the La Farge Branch Library was faced with a flood in the building due to the hailstorm and heavy rain run-off. The storm hit so quickly, things had to move fast to protect the Library.  The staff want to send out a heartfelt thank you to everyone—patrons and staff--who moved computers, mopped up the water, dug trenches to divert water and got down on their hands and knees on wet carpet to help us stem the tide. We don’t know who you all are but everyone was invaluable in protecting the library’s books and computers. No books or computers were damaged due to the quick action of these staff and patrons who were willing to get wet! We appreciate your efforts on your library’s behalf.  Thank You!!!

Kathryn Spangle
Manager, La Farge Branch Library

And the Santa Fe Library staff

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