Friday, July 17, 2009

Hooray for the Pavers!

Happy Feet on Re-paved Marcy StreetMy first thought upon hearing that the streets were being repaved was, can we afford to do this in this economic climate!?

My second thought was, boy, this will be a pain for navigating around paving crews to work, to the grocery store, etc.

But when my biking-to-work self hit those satiny repaved streets, particularly the gorgeous stretch of Marcy from the church to Lincoln, I could not stop singing the praises of the repaving crews. Hallelujah! No more standing up on the pedals practically the whole length of the street!

Of course, when I cross Lincoln, all bets are off. O Glorious Repavers, any chance of heading east next?
Bicycle CommuterClose-Up of Lovely Repaved Street

by AA @Main, photos by AM

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